Financial Planner says tax season should not slow down stimulus payment

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Americans are set the receive the biggest stimulus check yet thanks to The American Rescue Plan.

However, it’s the middle of tax season.

So does that mean that there will be a delay in stimulus deposits?

We checked with a financial planner.

John Vandergriff, of Blue Ridge Wealth Planners, says, “It should be a lot faster to get these monies out. It should be happening in the next few days, is what they are saying. Now, obviously what they say and what really happens could be two different things. But, it should be a much faster process for all involved this time. It seems like they worked a lot of kinks out this way.”

Blue Ridge Wealth Planners says that this may be the last time that American’s see some financial relief.

“It may not be a situation where that money has a stimulus label on it or goes to people in that same way.But, just enjoy this money because I would plan on it maybe being the last one and if we get another then we look at that as a bonus”, adds Vandergriff.

Vandergriff says that even though many Americans are struggling right now.

But, if you have the means, you should save or invest the money, that could come as early as this weekend.

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