Find a Super Senior for Senior Citizens Day

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day.

The theme this year is “Super Seniors” and many local folks will be recognized for their contributions.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell has the details, in tonight’s Senior Matters.

If you have family members who are retired, or just past that arbitrary 65th birthday….then you can probably identify with some of the people you’ll see in this report. Like the older Americans featured in the PBS Documentary “Cyber Seniors” you know many who have never slowed down. These are learning about computers and social media.
Visiting Angels is a national in-home senior care company that is seeking honorees for it’s Super Senior Program.

JAMES FRANK , VISITING ANGELS “we’re going around recognizing many of the seniors that we work with and that’s all over the country…with all the other franchises..of the Visiting Angels as well…so you know we pick several people and we go on out and just reward them for jut being a Super Senior and being who they are and giving them a certificate and make them feel really good. ”

Research shows that there are more than 50 million Americans over the age of 65. They have lived..and survived some of the most trying times of the 1900’s..including wars and tragedies. The Super Senior campaign will likely include a number of them.

JAMES FRANK “they all have wonderful stories of…I was just with someone the other day and he had a picture..he was in the army..and he was standing right there with Elvis..shaking his hand…because Elvis was part of his unit.”

Caregivers for the VisIting Angel organization are not always the young and even middle-age. In many cases it’s older people taking care of seniors….and celebrating their special achievements what will happen on Senior Citizens Day.

JAMES FRANK “Oh yes…many, many retired women just do this because its’ their heart..and so not necessarily doing it or the money…,because they get that psychological paycheck at the end of the day.”

So…remember that special day for older members of your …Senior Citizens Day, August 21st. Make it special for them.
For Senior Matters, Bill Mitchell News 12 NOw.

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