Finley Stadium Runner Rape Suspect on Trial

        Both sides of a rape trial agree two men attacked a runner on October 12th, 2012, but was it Devontavious Bryant?
        Assistant District Attorney General Cameron Williams says Bryant stole the victims MP3 player, then choked her out and raped her with Deacon Williams.
        "So right there on that bank amongst the trash, amongst the dirt, amongst the trees, amongst the entrance to Finley Stadium, those two individuals took their turns raping her," said Willams.
        Bryant’s defense all came down to a yellow hoodie.
        It’s the one the victim described as being worn by one of her attackers.
        Defense Attorney Joshua Weiss says Bryant, also known as "D," was wearing the hoodie earlier that morning, but then gave it back to his friend Deacon, and Deacon gave it to someone else and they attacked the victim.
        The defense attorney gave his opening statement playing the role of the hoodie.
        "I wasn’t being worn by D.  I was being worn by someone else," Weiss said.
        The jury also heard the 911 call from the man that picked up the victim right after the attack, and they watched the dash cam video, where the victim gave her account of what happened.
        Sitting in the back of a police car she gives descriptions of the suspects while crying.
        She mentioned she thought it was part of a gang initiation, because after they raped her, they said "okay, we did it" and ran off.
        A forensic analyst confirmed she believed the victim had in fact been raped, but the jury will be the ones to decided if Devontavious Bryant was one of the ones that did it.
        The trial continues on Wednesday, and the victim is expected to testify at some point in the trial.
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