Fire Academy Video Saves a Life

     Those Chattanooga Fire Academy videos may look silly.. But they work.
     Remember the "Staying Alive" dance routine from last summer?

     They made rookie firefighters dance to Staying alive for a reason.
     The song just so happens to have the right beat for C-P-R compressions.
     And the video has been seen all over the wold.
     Today Mark Kennedy in the Times Free Press reported the story about how it saved a life in Minnesota.
     A group of people were trying to save a man who collapsed.. But they couldn’t get the rhythm right.
     Scott Matson remembered seeing the viral video.. And started singing the chorus to Staying Alive.
     The rescuers eventually revived the man.
     The Chattanooga Fire Department’s Bruce Garner produced the video.
     He told us "It’s one thing to do a video and you try to make it entertaining or educational, but in this case somebody says that based on watching the video, he administered cpr successfully and a man is alive right now.  That’s very gratifying to hear that."

     Now the pressure is to top that for the next Fire Academy video.

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