Fire Department grant will teach them how to survive

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Thanks to a generous federal grant, the Chattanooga Fire Department will be able to enhance training for firefighters so they can be prepared for situations when their personal safety is in danger.

News 12’S Taylor Bishop has the details.

“That training it’s invaluable. We can’t help the public without making sure that our firefighters are trained to take care of themselves”

The Chattanooga Fire Department applied for and has been awarded the 2018 Assistance to Firefighters Grant through FEMA.

“What this does is provide them with the knowledge that if they become trapped or in a situation it gives them the education and the knowledge to do a self-extrication. That will be able to get themselves out of certain instances”

The grant will help to purchase tools, equipment, gear, and training that is needed in “mayday” situations.

“What we try to do is train not to fail. So we do as much training as possible to where it is muscle memory, if they get into that instance it automatically kicks in like it’s second nature”

This grant also allows the opportunity to teach several firefighters to become instructors, with a goal of all firefighters to be trained in fire ground survival.

“We actually put them in those situations where they are completely blinded with their masks, and we actually entangle them. We want to walk them to through and help them get through that panic process to be able to get out of that situation”

Cheif Boatwright says this training will be a life saver during difficult situations

“It’s gonna provide valuable training to our firefighters in a event that they get trapped because of a fire”

Reporting in Chattanooga, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.

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