Fire safety tips for families

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — After a fatal house fire in Ooltewah, firefighters in our area are taking this time to remind people about fire safety.

Officials with the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and the Chattanooga Fire Department say it’s important for families to have an escape plan.

Deputy Chief Jack Brellenthin, with the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department, says it’s a good idea to have a meeting place, like the mailbox, so emergency responders can easily tell when everyone is accounted for.

“Have a plan based on your house configuration where the kids can evacuated the bedrooms. They sell ladders and stuff like that where they can throw out a window and climb down,” Deputy Chief Brellenthin said.

Bruce Garner with the Chattanooga Fire Department adds it is important to make sure your smoke alarm works.

“A fire can break out while you are sleeping. It can spread. It can block all of your exits and you have no way out of your house. It is absolutely critical that you have a smoke alarm. One working smoke alarm at least in every level of your home to notify you that you have a fire to begin with,” Garner said.

Officials suggest changing the battery on smoke detectors twice a year. They say a good time is when Daylight Saving starts and ends.


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