“Fire Up The Fields” Lights Up Sculpture Fields

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The night was bright at the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park on Saturday Night.

The annual “Fire Up Thé Fields Sculpture Burn” Saw a 40 foot sculpture crafted by renown artist Andrew Nigh burned to the ground to great applause. The event, inspired in part by Burning Man, is designed to bring awareness to the Sculpture Fields which has only been open since 2016 since it was converted from a city dump.

Michael Carrington, said of the sculpture that was burned, “This piece in particular I’m excited to see tonight. These fires really have, it’s kinda like life. A beginning, it starts out slow, it starts to build up. A middle, it’s very dynamic, very live. We have over 45 beautiful pieces of sculpture here, but it’s something about seeing something that is alive, really that is breathing, building. Flames are expected to go up about twice as high as the sculpture itself so maybe 140 feet or so, we’re going to see it. We’re going to feel it, and we’re all going to experience it here together. ”

There were live performances and vendors available for those in attendance to use as well. The Sculpture Fields are free to the public to explore at any time. There are 45 pieces of art and 1.5 miles of hiking trails on the 33 acres of property. You can find the Sculpture Fields right off of Main Street. You can visit their website to learn more about the Sculpture Fields at https://www.sculpturefields.org/



An Andrew Nigh sculpture being burned at the “Fire Up The Fields” Event.


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