Firefighters battle “lawn fires” in Ooltewah subdivision

OOLTEWAH, Tennessee (WDEF) – This is the kind of fire we get this time of year.

The March winds dry out last year’s growth before the new greenery comes on in the spring.

It creates situations like the one the Tri-Community Fire Department had to deal with today in an Ooltewah subdivision.

They were called to battle lawn fires in the middle of Blazing Star Court.

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Multiple yards were one fire threatening homes when the first truck arrived.

As more crews arrived, they surrounded the lawns to keep the flames from getting into the houses.

from Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Dept.

They say windy and dry conditions allowed the fires to spread quickly.

It took firefighters about an hour to get the subdivision back under control.

The homes were spared and no one was hurt.

The cause of it all is still under investigation.


from Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Dept.

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