Firefighters train for water rescues

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — On Tuesday evening Chattanooga Firefighters responded to a submerged car on Greenway View Drive and acted quickly in order to get the person out.

“The firefighters were able, in the level of water they had they were able to quickly secure the vehicle, get the vehicle into a semi-righted position and affect a rescue out of the car before anyone else we had contacted for assistance were able to arrive on the scene,” said Special Operations Chief Daniel Hague, with the Chattanooga Fire Department.

Some firefighters focus more on water safety than others.

“Those assigned to the fire boat have been through a more significant amount of training they have gone through a water safety course, they go through a  boat operations course as well as a boat rescue operations course,” Hague said.

In addition to the boat, Firefighters have these personal flotation devices, throw rings and throw ropes. Water rescues in Chattanooga are from the shore.

“Our firefighters are not trained to normally make a water entry into a river or something like that, but they are trained to do from the shore like rescue,” Hague said.

But they are rare in this area.

“There so infrequent that we haven’t gotten into the water rescue business completely. If we have any type of water rescue we do what we can from the shore.”


Hamilton County Special Tactics and Rescue were one of the crews called to help, but they didn’t need to because it was already finished.

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