Firework Safety Do’s and Don’ts

We’re just days away from the 4th of July and with that comes many safety concerns.

According to Erlanger officials there are about 10,000 firework injuries that are seen nationally each year,

Erlanger hospital sees six to eight each year suffering from a firework related injury.

That number only includes the most and not mild burns.

As 4th of July holiday approaches Erlanger wants to make sure everyone is safe and knows the proper way to handle fireworks.

“Make sure an adult is always present when fireworks are being used”, said Erlanger Trauma Outreach Coordinator Regena Young.
“Even sparklers can be dangerous. They burn over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit so they can still cause burns.”

Erlanger Trauma Center said people can receive many types of burns and injuries.

Men are the most at risk to receive an injury from  fireworks.

About 70 percent of fireworks injuries are male.

When you’re working with fireworks never wear loose clothing as it easy for embers to attach on to and catch the clothing on fire.

Wear enclosed shoes. Flip flops are easy to trip in and make you more susceptible to injuries.

Don’t aim fireworks at homes or buildings or trees, instead shoot them off into an open area.

Make sure to toss remaining fireworks into a metal container.

“We want everyone to have a safe and happy 4th of July using fireworks. Using fireworks is part of the fun “But be safe with it and make sure that you have all your precautions in place” said Young.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department says fireworks are allowed to be shot off if residents live within in unincorporated areas.
If you live in a municipality they suggest checking with your local City Hall.

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