Fireworks are back in Collegedale post-pandemic

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF)-This year will be much easier to celebrate the 4th of July as compared to last year.

Last year the Collegedale commons looked a lot different than it does today as Collegedale was forced to cancel its 4th of July events due to Covid.

“And it feels good seeing people that we haven’t seen in a while because no one was getting out of their houses,” said Kimberly Altenberg.

But this year the area is back to normal and tonight will kick off multiple days of fireworks around the area for people to enjoy.

Tuba and baritone player Tracy Coats said she loves that the city can gather again and celebrate America’s freedoms.

“It’s awesome. Especially this year, we’ve been in Covid and we’ve been all tied up in our houses and I get to come out and just to celebrate our country and it’s just awesome. Beautiful weather, beautiful night, freedom,” said Tracy Coats.

“It’s just nice to see people getting out and we hope we can bring a smile to everyone tonight with our music,” said Altenberg.

Coats said it’s important to celebrate the holiday but, to also remember what it means to a part of the United States.

“Freedom to worship. Freedom to gather and places like this. Freedom to share our faith, freedom to share our hearts and I think that’s really huge here in America,” said Coats.

Collegedale city manager Wayon Hines said it’s events like this that make Collegedale the city that it is and it shows how much has changed in the last year coming out of the pandemic.

“It’s very rewarding getting back to a sense of normalcy and back to our annual events and the things that citizens expect living in Collegedale,” said Hines.

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