First Responder Award: SRO’s can be first responders, too

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – School Resource Officers in Hamilton county serve in 30 schools.

In addition to being law enforcement officers, they spend their days interacting with young people.

The bonds they create can benefit the students, but also help stop crime.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell introduces us to Deputy Mickey Robinson, our First Responder of the Month.

DEPUTY MICKEY ROBINSON, SRO says “I have the kids imagine me without the badge, without the gun belt. Uh, I look at them..I have them look at me as a person rather than the shield.”

Mickey Robinson is not only in charge of security at Dalewood Middle school, he’s a role model, a confidant and friend.

He talks to students and they talk to him.

That relationship helped capture a suspect after a recent shooting in Alton Park.

Mickey received special recognition from the Sheriff’s department for his efforts in getting a wanted man off the streets.

DEPUTY ROBINSON says” I think that’s the example that we’re trying to show right now to the that we can work together –that we can trust each other…but in order to get there we have to build those relationships. ”

“The SRO program with the Hamilton county Sheriff’s office has established that. Now, in this right here is a good example….the commendation that I got was just a all it was, was just an example of how positive it does for the community.”

Hamilton County Chief Deputy Allen Branum adds “Over the several years we’ve had this SRO program, there’ve been numerous criminal cases solved because of the information ..where a student has the confidence in to provide some information.”

Deputy Robinson is careful to be respectful of students.

In other words students have learned they can trust him with their personal thoughts and secrets.

BILL MITCHEL “This is just a little token of our appreciation and congratulations to you for the work that you do almost every day out there as an SRO.”

At News 12, we are proud to honor Hamilton county sheriff’s deputy and school resource officer Mickey Robinson as our first responder of the month.

JAMES WETTERMARK “At Wettermark Keith, we are so proud of this month’s First Responders winner. But we’re also proud of the hundreds of other first responders who are out there working every day and every night to protect us an our families. ”

In Chattanooga, Bill Mitchell, News 12 Now.

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