First Responder Hero Award Honors Capt. Jerri Sutton

First Responders…as the name suggests…are always first on the scene. They’re followed quickly by the administrators who make sure people in the tri-state area are getting the best service possible.

News 12 Now has awarded Jerri Sutton with the First Responder Hero Award for the month of September.

Captain Jerri Sutton has held almost every job at the Chattanooga police department as she became supervisor of 100 officers. Capt. Jerri Sutton looks back on her career, “Since 1999, I’ve been a school resource officer, public information officer, training officer, a field training officer, uh, I’m currently a captain over patrol. I’ve worked with the chief’s office and a myriad of unspecific assignments.”

Whatever her assignment, Capt. Sutton’s colleagues knew she would quickly be leaving for higher responsibilities. But, liked everyone..Captain Sutton remembers her favorite jobs.

Capt. Sutton said, “I guess the most memorable time was my time as a school resource officer… simply because I had the opportunity to shape and mold young minds. I have a lot of those kids who now come back to me as adults… Going, ‘Ms. Jerri I remember when… and thanks for helping me do… so, I guess that’s one of the most rewarding parts of my career so far.”

News 12 viewers may remember Jerri from her days as the spokeswoman for the Chattanooga Police Department… the job she said she really enjoyed. “I definitely enjoyed being public information officer. Uh, just being able to get the story out …initially and then follow up on it if necessary… so the people truly understood what it was that happened and our response to it.”

Jerri Sutton was surprised at this latest honor. She said, “I’m a people person and my mom says I talk a I guess that’s just part of it . It’s nothing that I necessarily take note of …that I think will come back around… I appreciate the gesture all the same.”

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