First Responder Hero: Bob Hirko and Michael Westfield

Police officers on patrol usually make dozens of calls in a days work. Most of the time its routine work–they write a report and move on to the next one. But sometimes the work doesn’t end when they change into civilian clothes. Bob Hirko and Michael Westfield in Collegedale can vouch for that.

Cortney Pope, “Our little boy Declan was diagnosed with RSV..and 5 days after that diagnosis hen stopped breathing at home and we had to call 9-1-1.”

Quick work by EMS techs Tonya and Kevin…got the baby breathing again and to Children’s hospital.
Hirko and Westfield responded to that call last December….but they didn’t forget it later.

Cortney Pope, “They called in the next 2 days to check on us..and Declan, and then they came to the hospital to check on us and brought gifts for Declan, for Ames and for Adam and I…they continued to check on us.”

Officer Bob Hirko, “We got the boys some stuff, we got the parents a gift card, you know they’re in a high stress situation just may need some dinner real quick, just to get away from it all for a minute.”

Officer Michael Westfield, “All families are important to us, but this one got my heart, and we wanted to show them that we are there, we are dedicated to them–we care about them on and off duty.”

Unfortunately little Deklan died 18 days later at the hospital.
But the officers stayed in touch with Cortney, her husband Adam and their other son, Ames.

These days it seems to be easy to criticize the people who risk their lives daily for the people they serve.

Chief Brian Hickman, Collegedale Police Department, “A lot of people only see negative things…unfortunately there’s a lot of good that officers do every single day they don’t get any recognition..and of course, they don’t do it for recognition.”

Officers Bob Hirko and Michael Westfield believe there’s more to their job than what they do on duty.
We believe they are deserving of our First Responder of the Month award for April.

Cortney Pope, “They’re pretty incredible men.”

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