First Responder Hero: Tyler Toon and Willie Hayden

“You train for the worst and hope for the best. All the training you’ve done for preparing for the worst case scenario is presented in front of you.”

We got knocked out at 3 o’clock in the morning to a report it structure fire. A neighbor called it in. And the first reports we got were somebody trapped.

It was just a few minutes. What is a few minutes seemed like and eternity when you’re inside.

We didn’t have minutes we had seconds to get in that house. We walked away past the living room where the majority of the firewalls. Search the front bedroom, there was no victim in there. Moved on to the second room is where we found Wheely face down.

This one they’re actually walls someone inside. And the outcome was good we found him quick got them out he ended up surviving. And has basically recovered from his burns it was a good outcome.

This instance we actually heard back from the family and spoke to the family. That is where the real reward comes from when you actually get to talk to the people or person that you saw that day in dire straits. Worst possible scenario and you actually get to talk to them again instead of just carrying them.

To get the closure and meet the family, most people don’t get that. They don’t ever get to see the person. We reached out and they reached out and we all wanted to meet each other. It was great the best rewarding thing you could ever have.

It’s definitely good to be honored. It’s one of those instances where several people on the scene that are doing an outstanding job and you have a couple that actually pulled the victim from the house and actually get the award. But it was definitely a team effort that night.

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