First Responders Recognized at Erlanger

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF ) –  Often you hear the hum of a Life Force helicopter, but you never know the story behind the flight, like one involving Jeffery Hussey, 11, from Bradley County.

Stan Clark, the EMS Spokesperson in Bradley County, says, "He was on his bicycle coming off of a hill in Bradley, entered the roadway, and struck a minivan in the side."

Jeffery wasn’t wearing a helmet and suffered a traumatic head injury.

Winston Wright, a first responder, adds, "The patient then started to have a seizure due to his head injury."

Jeffery wasn’t supposed to make it to his 12th birthday, but thanks to Wright and other first responders, he did.

Quick thinking led these men to preform a rare procedure on a child.

Clark says, "Basically, what that means is they gave him some medication that puts him to sleep. It relaxes his airway, it allows us to put a breathing tube into his lungs and they can breathe for him."

That’s the first time it’s been done in Bradley County EMS history.

Clark adds, "After a significant time in Siskin Rehab Hospital, he has made a full recovery and is enjoying life."

And that’s why first responders are being honored this week.

Clark adds, "They arrive first, they provide all the way up through critical care medicine now. It really does make the difference between life and death."

It’s not every day people stop and think about what these first responders go through, what graphic pictures are now engrained in their minds.

But organizers hope you will take a moment and thank one of these everyday heroes.

This is the 40th year that organizers have hosted a recognition event like this.

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