Fishing tournament benefit for bus crash’s families

MEIGS COUNTY, — Tuesday’s bus crash resulting in the death of Bus Driver, Lisa Dillard, and a 7 year old girl hits close to home for Hiwassee Marine Bait and Tackle Owner Dustin Lankford. He said he thought his son was on the bus.

“The bus involved is the one my son usually rides every day. Thanks for the good Lord above, he wasn’t on the bus at that moment he was actually getting a ride from a friend,” said Lankford.
Lankford said he and his wife haven’t completely recovered from that  initial sense of fear.
“I remember when I got the call and was told that my son was on I just remembered a sense of just I just became motionless I almost collapsed,” said Lankford.
Lankford and his store manager Bobby Copeland agreed they needed to do something and they came up with the idea for a fishing tournament benefit.
It cost $60 to enter and launch at sunrise from Chester Frost park. The fishing community has rallied around the idea of a tournament to raise money. Not only the fishers but also the local fishing shops.
We’re all sort of competitors but if there’s a need everybody just comes together
The fishing benefit will be at Chickamauga Lake on December 5th starting at sunrise and going until 3 P.M.
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