Fleischmann-Wamp Race Heats Up

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Third District congressional candidate Weston Wamp picked up an important endorsement this morning as the primary campaign enters its final days.
The two GOP candidates have taken the gloves off and are slugging-it-out for the chance to face democrat Mary Headrick in the November General election.
The focus this week is on a recording Wamp made back in March.

SCOTTIE MAYFIELD, FLEISCHMANN SUPPORTER (Paid Political Ad) "I’m Scottie Mayfield. While I was at home playing with my grandson, Weston Wamp showed up at my doorstep uninvited to argue politics and secretly recorded our conversation."

WESTON WAMP, 3RD DISTRICT CANDIDATE "This story from March with myself and Mr. Mayfield has been rehashed over and over again and I never had any malicious intentions…I think Mr. Mayfield knows that..and so we’re moving on."

If you’re new to this area you won’t know that these harsh words are being tossed about by members of the same party—Republicans.
And, the spokesman in the campaign spot, Scottie Mayfield, ran against both in the GOP primary in 2012.

WESTON WAMP "How did he know that you had a recording of his discussion? I told him, I told him that I had one."

Two-term congressman Chuck Fleischmann is in the district making as many personal appearances as possible.

REP. CHUCK FLEISCHMANN, 3RD DISTRICT (FROM 7-21) " As long as I have a voice and a vote, I will continue to work hard for you all. Some may snicker, but please, it was not pessimistic people that made America great. It was good honest hard working people."

He has also attacked Wamp for accepting a 300-thousand dollar personal contribution from a business associate.

But Wamp is finding support among national political figures, including former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

WESTON WAMP "I’ve always really respected Senator Santorum because his reputation in Pennsylvania and as a presidential candidate was having the ability to reach out to and speak to blue-collar workers."

The primary is August 7th.

Weston Wamp has also been endorsed by Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, while Chuck Fleischmann yesterday got the nod from the National Rifle Association.

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