Florida family shelters in Chattanooga during Irma

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – As we’re keeping a watchful eye on Irma, so are many Florida evacuees concerned of what devastation the hurricane will leave behind.

Ebony Hayward is from Tampa.

She and her four girls are seeking shelter in Chattanooga.

She says she left their apartment and many things behind.

Hayward has been waiting to see how the storm will affect her area, while watching the frightening scenes of Irma making landfall.

“I’m very terrified. My mother is still there, my grandmother. No one left. The only people that left was me, and I believe a brother of mine. He left. So, it’s nerve wrecking. I know I don’t have a home to come to because we’re already below sea level. I don’t know if I’m going to have a job to come to. The schools were all closed. We don’t have clothing. I mean we just have what’s on our back and a couple things we were able to pack. We left in a panic. We left with you know $60 and we spent that mainly in gas so I don’t know. I’m just here. You know. We’re just here,” Hayward explains.

Hayward says she has set up a go fund me page to help her family get stable and in preparation of possibly having to start over.

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