Food Giveaway for Food Insecurity

LAFAYETTE, Ga. (WDEF)- In order to alleviate food shortages here in Walker County, the Chattanooga Food Bank is partnering with Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church and the Lafayette Housing Authority. Tuesday, the organizations hosted a mass distribution event, serving food to over 200 families.

When the covid pandemic initially struck North Georgia, Ruth Bass from the Lafayette Housing Authority first thought was to figure out how to serve elderly and disabled residents.

“We have a lot of folks that cant get out or they depend on other people to get out for them” said Bass. “We called all of our people and said ‘hey what do you need? What can I get for you? Can I go and get you some milk?'”

Now, the Lafayette Housing Authority routinely sets up shop making it easier for locals to get all of their essential groceries for free without even leaving their car.

“Well it wouldn’t be that difficult but it would take a lot out of a limited income” said one elderly woman in line.

“Social security does not provide that much for most elderly” said another elderly woman in line. “So it helps out tremendously.”

The Chattanooga Food Bank serves 20 counties between Tennessee and Georgia.

Walker County has faced one of the biggest food insecurity impacts since the beginning of the covid pandemic.

“What that means is Walker County the highest number of individuals and families that can’t access or afford food that they need to live and thrive” said Jennifer Lockwood Fritts with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

Herman Moore is a member of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.

He and his wife moved to the states from Jamaica.

The level of food insecurity some Americans face caught them by surprise.

“Everybody can look around the country, look on the news and see lines of people who normally would not have such a need but are food deficient” said Moore. “So thank God this country is blessed in that without too much difficulty we can find resources to meet such needs.”

Going forward the Lafayette Housing Authority will host a food distribution event on the third Tuesday of every month.”

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