Food News: Burger King Hot Dogs, Panera Delivery & Mrs. Winner’s return to Chattanooga

A look at restaurant news this week:



Still trying to wrap your head around hot dogs coming to Burger King?

They arrive in town in less than two weeks (Tues, Feb. 23rd).

Burger King calls it their biggest new item rollout since the Chicken Sandwich in the 1970s.

So why dogs? What do they taste like? And why haven’t they stuck before at burger chains?

CBSN has the answers.



paneraPanera has been working on their in-store service issues for the last couple of years.

So now they are experimenting with letting you skip the whole process, entirely.

This year, the company plans to offer delivery at 10% of their locations nationally.

The plan is to roll out delivery to most of their Cafes, eventually.

And that means creating their own driver system.



Chicken and biscuits can be a crowded field in the south.

We’ve got KFC, Bojangles, Popeyes & Church’s are at the top of the list.

But an old competitor is plotting a comeback.

Mrs. Winner’s was founded in Atlanta in 1970, grew to 184 locations across the south, but eventually went bust, filing for bankruptcy in 2010.

Mrs-Winners-Chicken-and-Biscuits-menuNow, there are only a dozen stores left, including the one in Cleveland, TN.

But new ownership is expanding again.

Six Mrs. Winner’s will open in the Atlanta area this year.

And the goal is to add 100 more locations over the next 5 years.

Chattanooga is one of 5 markets in the south that the company is targeting now for new franchises.

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