Football Coaches Struggle to Deal With Losing

“You play to win the game,” Herm Edwards made the quote famous years ago, but what happens when you lose. Every coach and player goes through it, and it can be especially rough in football since you have to wait a week to play again.

Reporter: “Okay losing.”

Said East Hamilton head coach Grant Reynolds: “It sucks.” (laughter)

Said McCallie head coach Ralph Potter: “Yeah losing. It’s just not a fun thing.”

No it’s not. And it’s probably not fun being around a coach after a loss either.

Said Bradley Central head coach Damon Floyd: “I would be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t pout a little bit.”

Said Potter: “I remember one year we lost to Baylor. Last time we lost to Baylor. I literally took my computer outside and sat by the pool. I didn’t want any of my family around me. And I watched the tape and yelled and screamed Then came back in and you know. It was a little bit better.”

Said Reynolds: “It makes my weekend long at home. It really does. My wife hates to lose to. When I come home, she gives me the third degree. But she has put me on the couch before after a loss.”

Coaches may be tempted to lie down on a psychiatrist couch after a loss.

Said Chattanooga Mocs head coach Rusty Wright: “No there’s still some things that happened this past year that I’m chapped about. You don’t forget them. I mean that’s the thing. I can tell you more about how many games I’ve lost. The games we have played in and lost than I can the ones we’ve won.”

Said Potter: “You know what you have to fight against as a coach is really taking your frustration out on your players. I’ve been guilty of that some.”

Said Floyd: “I think the kids are pretty resilient. They probably bounce back better than most adults. I think once you get back into practice the next week. Actually for us we come in on Sunday. We watch the film, and then they go out for a light practice on Sunday. By the end of practice Sunday, they are thinking about the next opponent.”

Said Wright: “You know none of us like it. That’s the thing. That’s what drives you. Unless you are not competitive. If you are not competitive, then it doesn’t matter to you. You just go out there and play or whatever. They keep score for a reason.”

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