Football Practice in the Heat

With the start of school only 3 weeks away, football teams are already doing “one-a-days”.
Thankfully, things have changed when it comes to keeping young athletes safe despite being out in the hot sun for a few hours.


These young Tyner football players have been doing morning practice for a week or two now. Like so many adults they underestimated the toll a hot day can have on them. Coach Nick Koch warned them to start drinking a lot of water, and eat breakfast.

NICK KOCH, HEAD COACH, TYNER MIDDLE ACADEMY “That first day, they showed up and you could tell none of them listened. You know, kids getting sick, had a couple throwing up.”

The coach made his point.

NICK KOCH “Since then they’ve taken the advice to, you know, go home and prepare for tomorrow’s practice today. Go home and hydrate and drink water even though they are not thirsty.”

Playing sports takes a lot of effort in the summer.
And coaches over the years have learned a few things about how tough they should be on the kids.

NICK KOCH ” I know when I played we were told that if you’re thirsty, its a sign of weakness. You know, we may have got one water break after stretches, and then didn’t get any more water the rest of practice…I really don’t know how we survived. Things have definitely changed since then and I’m glad that they’ve changed.”

Now, staying hydrated is the first priority.

NICK KOCH, (IN:02:49:15) “As a wellness teacher I just encourage the kids to just stick to water, that’s ..I drink probably 3 gallons of water A day, just to drink the water and I feel better.”

And the young players at Tyner are training the right way in the heat.

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