Update: Forest Fire Spreads Into Alabama

DADE COUNTY (WDEF) -Georgia Forestry officials report that the wildfire in Dade County is spreading and far from contained.

Authorities have declared 8 homes as officially threatened, but not in any imminent danger.

The fire is spreading into Alabama due to dry conditions and wind.

Officials ask people to be careful while driving at night due to the atmospheric changes occurring it could cause limited visibility as the smoke is pushed down the valley.

Georgia Forestry Co. has had to team up with the Alabama Forestry Commission, U.S Forrest Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Courtesy of Georgia Forestry

Courtesy of Georgia Forestry

Bureau of Indian Affairs has donated 20 person hand crew and a helicopter.

US Forrest service donated a helicopter and a jumper module and a 7- man hand crew.

Alabama donated 2 bulldozers

Georgia forestry commission donated 3 crews of 29 people total in all and 2 bulldozers.

Water drop on the Fox Mt #wildfire in Dade County. pic.twitter.com/fJrYfNPxea

— GAForestryCommission (@GaTrees) October 12, 2016

Courtesy of Georgia Forestry

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