Former Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield Discusses VW Impact

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"This is pumping billions of dollars into our economy and those dollars don’t just stop at one paycheck"

Ron Littlefield did not go to Germany last week nor did he make a speech at the Hunter Museum. The former mayor says this is not about him anymore but about the future for this city.

"Once you are out of office you know its one of those things where you just get to stand in the background and smile,i did not need to be in Germany it would not have added anything to the gathering"

He says he wasn’t surprised by the UAW vote but feels some of the local fear and anger is due to the organization’s role at the Saturn plant in Spring Hill.

"Where the UAW came in and they were supposed to have a different kind of arrangement , it was going to be a new car company a new arrangement with UAW and frankly it just didn’t work out, it worked for a little while and it fell apart i think that’s in people’s minds"

The former city planner says he enjoys talking and traveling the country and discussing the VW story.

"I get to tell people about Chattanooga and the VW story that’s my role today, so that’s what i will do and continue to spread the good news about Chattanooga’s great advantage"

Littlefield believes that more suppliers will relocate to the Chattanooga area and expects even more jobs to be created in the coming years.

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