Former U.S. Senator Bob Corker Talks About ‘Frontline’ Episode on Erlanger Hospital

Former U.S. Senator and mayor of Chattanooga, Bob Corker gave a speech at the Rotary Club today. Corker gave his congratulations and support to new mayor Tim Kelly who was in the room.

Bob Corker touched on several topics including ‘The Frontline’ episode that aired Tuesday which featured him and Erlanger Hospital. The episode called ‘The Healthcare Divide’ used the Erlanger Health System as an example of the financial burden it has when caring for uninsured and low- income patients.

Corker said at the Rotary Club, “The current model will not allow Erlanger to be successful in the long haul, it just will not. They will always be up and down and with that you got issues with the hospital today that the nurses are not getting paid the same as other hospitals and it creates moral issues inside, and yet Erlanger is so important in our community, right?”

You can watch the full episode here.

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