Forte Murder Trial Continues into Day 3

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Today was day 3 in the murder trial of Bill Forte.

Forte is being tried for first degree murder after shooting and killing his adopted son in 2018.

Expert testimony was given in the trial this morning, and one thing was made clear to the jury on cross examination: Forte fired a shotgun at his son Charles on April 2, 2018.

After Officer Taylor Walker of the CPD of the stand, Forte’s statement to police was entered into evidence.

In his statement to police, Forte repeatedly mentioned feeling “bullied” by his son, and insisted that Charles should have had a gun at the time of the shooting.

“If I didn’t have to go get to the UPS before they closed out there, we’d have had it out right there. We’d have had it out and he’d have had a pistol in his hand. He’d have had a pistol in his hand, and we’d have had it out right there. And I’d have probably got shot if we’d have had it out right there,” said Forte, in his statement.

Forte said to police that he “had enough,” and said that Charles would leave that night either in handcuffs or with a sheet over his head.

According to Forte’s statement to police, he intended to shoot Charles in the chest, but Charles apparently ducked at the time that he pulled the trigger.

When asked by police if he intended to kill his son when he walked into Eaves Formal Wear that night, he said he knew “something” was going to happen.

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