Foster Parents Needed in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The foster care system has more than 4,000 children. It’s spiked over the last few years and the problem lies in the lack of placement options for the children.

Bergen Aldahair, who works in marketing for Partnership in Chattanooga, says “If foster care is something that has ever been on your heart, or if this is something that really pulls a heartstring. Now, is the time!”

Aldahair says there is an immediate need and crisis for foster parents. Tennessee is among many states in the south that have several thousand children and not enough foster homes. Partnership hosts classes for prospective foster parents. The classes aren’t teaching people how to parent, but what to expect when taking on this responsibility.

“There are some …. I don’t want to say baggage, but these kids are coming with a story these kids have lived through a lot of life that some kids haven’t,” Aldahir says.

Partnership is hosting an upcoming fundraiser called Dancing with the Stars in June. It is to raise money for the organization. Riley Graves is one of the dancers who volunteered to raise money.

Graves believes, ” I think you just have that mom heart for so many kids and you never want a kid to be sad or suffer.”

Aldahir says, “What’s so sad is young boys have a really hard time because people are nervous to bring a young boy into their house but this is just a boy who needs a momma and a father just like a little girl needs a momma and a father.”

Every dancer in the event is asked to raise $25,000. Graves says while that is a lofty goal, waltzing her way to victory isn’t about bragging rights, only a better life for children right here in the scenic city.

Graves says “As a mom, you have a heart not just for your own children, but for other children and I think sometimes we are called to help other children in need if we have room, even if we just have room in our hearts”

Riley Graves is hosting a Princess Tea Party on May 7th to help raise 25,000 dollars. Dancing with the Stars is on June 2nd. Tickets can be found on the Partnership‘s website.

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