Friends Remember I-75 Wreck Victim

It’s been almost a year since the deadly I-75 Northbound in Chattanooga wreck that killed 6 people.
News 12 spoke with friends of one of the victims killed in that crash about how they are coping.

Brian Gallaher was beloved by many. The Ocoee middle school band instructor’s life ended suddenly on June 25th, 2015.

A day that will be a forever ingrained in many people’s minds.

Friends of Brian say he was full of life and had a strong passion for teaching.

“Charismatic personality. Kids loved him and he was a tremendous band director. My daughters actually went through Ocoee Middle School band and every time that I would participate and be part of those functions. Brian would always ask me pray that night as they’d get ready to do their performance, said friend Robert Green.

In April Ocoee Middle School changed the music department name to the Brian Gallaher Music Building to recognize the impact he made in so many lives.

Gallaher also was an avid runner. Something his friend, Cameron Fisher, said they still do to honor him.

“When you run with a guy you really get to know them in a different way. So it was very very tragic to just lose him group. Much less from my friendship.”

The group even took part in the half marathon Brian dreamed of doing, but never got to.

“Last September Brian had planned to run the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio and 20 of us got together and we ran that half marathon in his honor. Just the memory of him keeps us going in life..”

Fisher said Brian’s family is still healing, but they have been extremely strong this past year.

“They have really been a model of recovery after a tragedy like this. They were just a family that has been kept together and has held other members of the family together and of the community.”

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