From The Archives: Another Cool, Damp July

        This story originally aired on WDEF News 12 on July 5th, 1989.
        The reporter is Paul Gowan.

Some local car washes are open anyway. But owners say so that were not making any money. There only a handful of folks brave enough to risk the rain and try to get their wheels washed.
"You thought you can make it, and the sun was not come out and it was going to rain right? And now a waste of my money getting a car washed."
"You think it will ever stop raining?"
" No."
" It has to."
Hy has been washing cars for 35 years here in the scenic city. He says that summer is usually the peak of the car washing year. But it has been horrible.
Time he can remember being this bad is back in 1973. As you can see the big flood almost wiped out HY’s car wash.
"We have been flooded out twice and this year we weren’t flooded out yet we might as well been flooded out. Because people are not washing their cars right now."
On a typical July day highs will wash nearly 150 cars. These days he washes about five. Yes five.
"My bank account has dwindled, it sure has. I guess you’re hoping that it will lease quit raining for while. I’ve got everybody my place praying. All of them."

 Rain rain go away come again another day, please.

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