Fugitive accused of brutal attack on Chattanooga woman

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A Chattanooga woman is recovering after she was brutally attacked by a wanted fugitive.

Eddie Reese Collins, 30 of Chattanooga is wanted by both Chattanooga police and the Walker County Sheriff’s office for a laundry list of crimes that include several felonies.

On Thursday night, that list of felonies increased after he reportedly beat a woman in front of her two young children.

The family of Melissa Morris, 39, of Chattanooga had to be her voice after she was released from  the hospital with a fractured jaw and seven staples in the back of her head.

The victims young daughter who will remain unidentified told WDEF what she saw when Collins became violent.

"I just saw him hit her in the head with the vase and kick her in the face and punch her in the face," she said.

Morris’s brother, Richard Morris is worried not about his sisters but also her two children.

"They both are really shaken up about it. They will probably need some type of counseling just to be able to deal with the issue of watching a parent get beaten," Morris said.

The family said the attack happened inside an apartment in the 5200 block of Woodland View Circle. Collins who was an acquaintance of Morris came over to visit. But as some point he reportedly became violent.

"Something needs to be done because no one should be able to be treated this way; man or woman should ever have to go through this kind of situation," Richard Morris said.

Melissa Morris and her family reportedly did not know Collins was a fugitive until police ran a background check.

If anyone has information that could lead to an arrest, They’re strongly advised to call local authorities.

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