Game Week Finally Arrives For Chattanooga Mocs

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) It has been nearly a year since the Mocs have played a football game. They finally get back on the field Saturday as they face Western Kentucky for their one and only game this fall.

Reporter:”Does it feel like game week?”
Said defensive back Jordan Jones:”Yes it actually does. All the jitters are coming back. We’re into it just as usual.”
Said head coach Rusty Wright:”Who knows what it will look like for us being the first go round at it this year. Our young men are excited, and they’re looking forward to it. I know they’ll be ready to play on Saturday.”
Coach Wright is excited to see Drayton Arnold take the reigns as Chattanooga’s new starting quarterback.
Said Wright:”Well I just want him to run the show. Want him to be in command. Be in control, and want him to relax and play.”
Reporter:”Are you begging the coaches to let you throw it 40 times since you only have one game?”
Said Arnold:”Throw it every single time as far as I’m concerned. Yeah just go out there and execute and have fun and hopefully get a win.”
Throw it every play baby!
In reality, Arnold knows he doesn’t have to do that because the Mocs have a couple of solid tailbacks in Tyrell Price and Ailym Ford, who are both back from injury.
Said Arnold:”It definitely boosts my confidence. It makes me feel comfortable when I’m out there knowing that I can hand it to a guy like Ailym Ford. A guy like Tyrell Price, and they can give you four or five yards.”
Building team morale is also important, but it’s difficult to do in a COVID environment.
Said Wright:”They’ve been back since July 6th. We haven’t even all sat down and had a meal together. That doesn’t seem like a big deal to anybody, but it is to me. I mean I enjoy being around them.”
Since it’s just a one game season, the Mocs players are getting a few bowl-like perks this week.
Said Wright:”We’re feeding them lunch after we get done. We had ‘Taco Tuesday’ today, and we had barbecue yesterday. We got some gear coming for them. We’ve got a little surprise for them on Saturday before we get ready to kickoff.”

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