Gas prices begin to rise in our area after Colonial gas line spill

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – We have varying reports right now on how bad the gas price spike is hitting our area from a major pipeline spill affecting the southeast. reports an average jump of 1.1 cents in Tennessee and 1.4 cents in North Carolina, overnight.

Steve Ray at Midnite Oil in Ooltewah says his prices have jumped six cents since last night.

Gas Buddy’s expert predicts we could see a 5 to 15 cent hike over the next week.

But the good news is it will only be temporary, since full time service should resume in a week.

Still, the Governors of Georgia and Alabama have both issued executive orders declaring a state of emergency in case of gas shortages.

AP Business Writer

DALLAS (AP) – Motorists in parts of the country could pay a little more for gasoline in coming days because of the shutdown of a leaking pipeline in Alabama.

But experts say that any spike in service-station prices will be felt most in the Southeast and should only be temporary.

Colonial Pipeline Co. doesn’t expect to fully reopen its primary gasoline pipeline, which has spilled more than 250,000 gallons near Birmingham, until next week. The pipeline is used to send gasoline from refineries on the Texas Gulf coast to states in the Southeast and along the East Coast.

Colonial said that supply disruptions would be felt first in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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