Gas Prices: It’s not a drop, it’s more like a plunge

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The gas price drop hit the accelerator in our area last week.

The survey found that Chattanooga prices fell 4.5 cents for an average of $1.44 a gallon.

And many prices are in the $1.30s.

Prices here have dropped almost 19 cents in the last month and are down 71 cents from this time last year.

But you better enjoy it while you can.

“We are mid-February and 45 out of 50 states have a state gas average below $2 and the national average is at a multi-year low. Sadly, these incredibly low gas prices won’t be here forever, as refineries talk of production cuts with crude oil at 13 year low. Additionally, their Spring turnarounds and the changeover to summer spec gasoline also loom ominously on the horizon. The sooner the refineries can complete their maintenance and start producing gasoline again the better for drivers everywhere,” said Jeff Pelton, a senior petroleum analyst.

The best price in Chattanooga right now is $1.37 at the Citgo in Middle Valley.

But the best price in the region comes from a gas war at the I 75 exit in Athens.

The Speedway, Murphy USA & Kangaroo all are posting $1.29 prices.

The Costco at Cloud Springs Road is selling at $1.34.

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