Georgia and Tennessee rank among top 5 states for wind damage claims by State Farm

ATLANTA (WDEF) – State Farm Insurance releases their annual list of wind damage claims across the country.

And Georgia residents suffered the second most damage from storms and tornadoes last year.

Georgia claims narrowly trail top-ranked Texas.

Tennessee ranked 4th on the list and Alabama is 9th.

2015 State Farm paid wind and tornado claims

1. Texas 11,183
2. Georgia 11,018
3. Illinois 8,636
4. Ohio 5,637
5. Tennessee 4,592
6. California 4,532
7. Florida 4,431
8. Indiana 4,077
9. Alabama 3,499
10. South Carolina 3,398

State Farm has insurance advice for people in our region.

In addition to stocking up on emergency supplies and developing a plan, State Farm also reminds Georgia homeowners to take a home inventory and make sure your insurance policy is up to date.

“There is a real risk of not having enough coverage to replace items you’ve accumulated throughout the years when a review of your policy has not taken place in a while,” says State Farm spokesman Justin Tomczak.

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