Georgia Gas Tax Hike

Gas prices can historically be described in one word: Moody.

Prices are the lowest they have been in years, but with a proposed gas tax hike on the table, Georgia residents would be wise to not get too comfortable.

Lawmakers in Georgia are about to vote on this gas tax to raise nearly one billion dollars to fix state roads, bridges, and transit systems.

They may indeed need repair, but a potential hike in price has northwest Georgia residents concerned.

WDEF News 12’s Andy Santoro spoke with residents of Georgia and a few expressed concern about the proposal.

Catelyn Starnes of Rossville said, "I believe that people have enough hard times as it is already and I think that raising the taxes is going to make transportation harder on the people."

Marlan Barrett of Rocky Springs agreed. "To tell you the truth, I wish prices would stay down. It’s hard on people as it is and I think they should stay down."

But supporters say the one billion dollars the tax hike will bring in is necessary.

William Lowes said, "We can’t expect to have good roads and for nothing."

Local officials, like Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heskiell, are concerned the tax proposal will pull money from schools and other entities like police departments and sewer systems that use gas tax funding. To make up this loss, counties may have to raise taxes in other ways.

"We’re still very low on what our taxes are but the people in northwest Georgia don’t like to pay more taxes," said Heskiell. "I think they will understand if it’s the only way to go. They’re reasonable with it. But I’d like to see the general assembly raise their own money instead of taking it from the counties."

The proposal is called House Bill 170 and will also levy an annual fee on owners of electric, propane, and natural gas vehicles.

WDEF News 12 will keep you updated on the progress of HB 170.

Reported by Andy Santoro

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