Georgia Hoping to Stop Rolling Tide in SEC Championship Game

Alabama has won every game this season by 20 or more points.
But the Tide is only favored by 13 over Georgia in the SEC title game.
Betting lines are the least of the Bulldogs worries.
They simply want to beat Bama, which would likely send them back to the college football playoffs.

Big trophies are earned under big pressure, and the Dawgs and Tide know the drill.
Said Georgia defensive lineman Michael Barnett:”I just feel like we need to have a lot of tunnel vision. Don’t really buy into the media and what not. Just really focus on what we have. It’s just another football game.”
Said Georgia head coach Kirby Smart:”It’s a wall game. It’s for a number. It goes up on these walls in here. If you get to put numbers up, especially on that side of the room, it’s special.”
Wall game winners feature ball game quarterbacks.
Tua Tagovailoa and Jake Fromm rarely make mistakes.
They are first and third in America in passing efficiency. Good luck defenses.
Said Smart:”He (Tua) can sit in the pocket and make every throw. He’s very confident. I don’t know the right word. He has got presence about him in the pocket. He doesn’t fear rush. He whips the ball out. That’s what makes him really special. He’s whipping it to some really good dudes.”
Said Fromm:”You know my feet have to be quicker. Of course you have to be quicker. That’s one thing I remember from last year. Definitely the front of the pocket is getting there a little bit faster. They do a great job of it.”
Reporter:”This is probably I think the first time probably since the last time you played Alabama y’all have been the underdog in a game. Your father of course famous for winning as an underdog. Has he ever talked to you about how you can use that as a tool?”
Said Elijah Holyfield, son of boxer Evander Holyfield:”My dad doesn’t really look at me as an underdog. (chuckles) So he doesn’t think we are underdogs.”
To go from under dog to top dog, Georgia will have to find some sort of weakness in Alabama.
Said Smart:”I don’t see the weaknesses. Everybody talks about the kicking game. (chuckles) Thing is when they get on top of you, they know how to finish. They attack teams. They are constantly attacking. I mean the pressure is never off.”

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