Georgia leads nation for quitting your job

Labor Department breaks down the "Great Resignation" by state

WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – They call it the “Great Resignation.”

A record number of workers quit their jobs before the holidays across the country and Georgia leads the list.

The numbers come from November, the most recent month to be compiled.

The Labor Department has broken down the 4.5 million resignations by state.

Georgia and New Hampshire tied for the top of the list.

The states with the biggest “quit” rates are where finding workers is the most competitive.

When unemployment is low, companies offer extra pay and incentives to lure new workers, and we many quit their old jobs for new ones.

The entire southeast is a high resignation zone, with North Carolina also near the top.

Quit Rate

The December and January numbers may tell a different story, however.

There are signs that unemployment may be rising again as the Omicron variant shutters more businesses.

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