Georgia loosens Covid restriction as of today

ATLANTA (AP) – Gov. Brian Kemp says “Georgia is open for business” as of Thursday.

He’s loosening COVID-19 restrictions, so that restaurant tables can be closer, more people can get together and vulnerable residents no longer have to stay home.

Kemp’s announcement comes despite warnings from public health experts and President Joe Biden that it’s too soon for unmasked close contact among strangers.

Georgia’s newly recorded cases have been falling, but only 28 percent of its residents have received a dose of a vaccine.

Experts warn that despite some positive indicators, more infectious variants are spreading and could cause another wave of illness and deaths.[0]=AZVBQQOn1qhrSJ1AvIPuS9IrPCR-soj6gjlquspJJD9HO2MauUuSv8FzJe-hOaJerlVrI7kQTfs4aLgaaEvYa9Iogu8JrBaKgeDc6EYPGueQgcRDx2XW9R63rgjALqAXYFRimC5saD434zgUJQ78rdQV_WzzZ_km8yzV2xastvdVFw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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