GERMAN SOURCE: EPA Asks Volkswagen to Build Electric Cars in Chattanooga

The Chattanooga Volkswagen plant may someday manufacture electric cars.
A German newspaper reports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made the request, although it has not been confirmed.
The suggestion of adding another line of vehicles in Chattanooga was received with interest in Chattanooga.

If you have an unsubstantiated report that the world’s biggest carmaker may be coerced by a governmental agency into building an electric car in Chattanooga—where do you go for comment?
How about a room-full of engineers at UTC observing “engineers week”?

WILL SUTTON, PH.D , UTC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (IN:02:24:12) “I didn’t see a lot of comment from Volkswagen yet, but with that in mind, its seems like a good thing …potentially for the United States, and for the customer base, and certainly, in the long run, good for Volkswagen.”

Business leaders at the meeting preferred to wait until V-W or EPA confirms details, but the thought of a new line at Enterprise South was enticing.
UTC engineering and Chatt State, which hosts the Volkswagen academy, could only benefit from such an expansion.

WILL SUTTON, PH.D, UTC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (IN:02:25:10 “the class of vehicle that was mentioned in the article, was the Golf. The Golf is built exclusively in Wolfesburg….its the most popular car in Volkswagen’s line. It has so many different variations it’s almost incredible.”

According to the news story from a German newspaper, the EPA wants Volkswagen to build the car as part of a deal to resolve the diesel emissions scandal. Some of the diesels with software were Passats built at the local plant. Altogether, some 600-thousand diesel cars from the company’s plants were found.
Would building an e-car fit with the local plant?

DR. WILL SUTTON “The Passat is Accord-size, midsize. The SUV was more of a mid-size, as so the Golf is actually a smaller car. So that would be an interesting mix.”

And, the Chattanooga business people were spoke with would like to see it happen.

DR. WILL SUTTON “I think it would help everybody—sounds like a win-win.”
As part of the deal, according to the German newspaper, the EPA also wants Volkswagen to build a nationwide charging network.
Volkswagen said : “Talks with the EPA are on-going and we are not commenting on the contents and the state of the negotiations.”

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