Golden Apple Award: Barger Academy of Fine Arts, Kathy Gordon

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) -When teachers truly connect with their students, they can spend less time on discipline and more time on learning. Kathy Gordon makes it a priority to find each child’s learning style. The Barger Academy of Fine Arts teacher is great at coming up with lesson plans that leave no child behind.

Roxanne Anthony is the Principal at Barger.

She says, ” Ms. Gordon, oh my goodness, Ms. Gordon is so many things; so many words I could use to describe Ms. Gordon. First of all, every time you see her she is smiling. You can count on her to always have a smile on her face. And she is definitely a jack of all trades.”

Ms. Gordon explains,  “I knew from a very young age that this is probably what I wanted to do. So, I had some really great teachers at Normal Park Elementary, many, many years ago, and then some at Rivermont elementary, and I then had some not so good teachers, and they probably taught me just about as much as the good ones.

She says she teaches,”Because I love to see children learn. There is just something about when they catch on to something that,  it’s just fun.”

Ms. Gordon adds, “I enjoy helping other teachers. I started off not knowing anything about computers, but it was just kind of thrust upon me, so I learned on the job and found out that I really love teaching with technology.”


About her students, Ms. Gordon says, “I want them to remember that they are loved and that they have a special job to do that is important in life. To be able to see them, to contribute back to their community, back to their society. Just be great, great people. As well as lifelong learners; people who want to learn and are curious.”



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