Golden Apple Award: Becky Leary, Nolan Elementary

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WDEF) – Boredom is out of the question in Becky Leary’s 3rd grade classroom at Nolan Elementary. From the Buddy Bench, to researching Signal Mountain’s rich history, Ms. Leary’s love of teaching shines through in every thing she does. Her passion and creativity earned her this week’s Golden Apple Award.

Dr. Ashley Aldridge-Wilson is the Principal at Nolan.

She says, “Ms. Leary goes up and beyond every single day, researching wonderful things to bring into our children just to make the learning come alive. So, we are so thankful for  her positive energy and the joy that she brings to our learners.”

When asked to describe herself Becky says, “I’m a educator that realized that I had taken the wrong profession. Earlier, I was a counselor, and I had a teacher that motivated our oldest daughter who changed my perspective. I went back and with my Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation, I ended up going and getting my early childhood credits, and I have been teaching since 2000.”

One by one her third graders describe Ms. Leary as, “Kind, smart, generous, a genius, a very great teacher, helpful, wonderful, nice, hard-working, friendly, kind, fantastic, nice, sweet, kind, awesome, excellent, caring, amazing.”

Becky concludes, “I am overwhelmed. It’s touching. It’s been a hard year for them; during this unprecedented time, that it is for everybody. However, they have become such caring and generous students for each other. I can’t imagine my life without these people; without these children; without my second family that got me through the loss of my oldest daughter’s death. When she passed away, I had a box. I was given a box about this big, and that night we went back to the hotel and I opened it up and there were letters from all Nolan students. That they had typed in the computer lab, or that they had written. And, ‘Ms. Leary I don’t know you but’. Nolan is a very special place.


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