Golden Apple Award: Dinna Spradlin, Dalton Academy

DALTON, GA (WDEF) – Who says Math class has to be dry as toast? What if you could write the equations right on your desk? How about a comfy couch for when you finish your work? Those are just two of the variables that helped Dalton Academy’s Dinna Spradlin earn the Golden Apple Award.

Matthew Mederios is the Principal at Dalton Academy.

He proclaims,  “Ms. Spradlin is just such a wonderful compassionate educator who really cares for the best interests of her students. You know not only does she teach the material, but she really makes it relevant.”

Dinna describes herself like this, “I’m an educator. I’ve been that for many ,many years; 34. I’m a mama. I have two kids smart kids. One of them is a teacher, and the other one’s still in college, so they value that education. I’m a wife of a wonderful, Godly, moral man, and I love coming here every day. I look forward to my days at the Dalton academy.”

10th grader Cody Moser says, “She makes class really fun, and she’s always someone you can go and talk to.”

10th grader Ashley Decaire adds, “She makes learning really fun, and she explains it to where it’s easier to work out.”

10th grader Devin Harkless chips in, “She doesn’t put up with like, you know, all that all that horseplay. You know what I mean. Like, she doesn’t joke around, but she has enough leniency to make it fun, and she got the couch, I mean. You really can’t go wrong without like a good day at math, and then you just go sit on the couch you know, go on your phone, it’s perfect.”


Dinna concludes, “You know why teach, well, I think you saw it in the classroom. Well, you teach because we have kids on couches, where you get to write on the desk. I get to make a difference. I get to to help them. Some days they don’t need the math as much as they just need maybe for me to hug on them. Some days I might need that encouragement from them.  They say. ‘Oh you look cute.’ Or Devin gave me a new word about some pair of pants I had on. I don’t even know what it was, Devin. Just that that kind of the relationships, the relationships. The math will come for some better, for some not as good. But it’ll, it’ll work out, but this relationship and the love of these kids, that’s that’s what it’s about.”



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