Golden Apple Award: Gary Coles, Red Bank Middle

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Gary Coles is an In School Suspension Monitor at Red Bank Middle School. This year, he’s also teaching Math, Science and Spanish. Mr. Coles makes sure his students get on the right track in school and life.

Principal John Tharp says, “Mr. Coles is a gem. He is actually covering three classes. He is teaching math and Spanish and science. We really appreciate his hard work and dedication.”

When asked to describe himself, Mr. Coles says,”A person that cares a lot about students future. A lot of what we do today is going to really help kids later on, to try to get them to try and see that value and the value within themselves. I think it’s going to be very important. Every child matters. If, I could take them all I will take them out and show them the world.”

Sixth Grader Azlynn Hannan chips in, “I think he is a good teacher and he helps out of all of these kids and stuff. And he is always there for you.”

Sixth Grader Kyrese Manghane adds, “When I see him at football games and basketball games you can always hear him in the stand saying, ‘Go, Go!’ And always every time in the morning or in the afternoon he asks you how your day is going or are you being great? Or are you doing the things that you can do to be greater and greater.”

Mr. Coles concludes, “I want to show them  the importance of life beyond the classroom and what they learned today, and how much they get in their brain worked out to get there is going to help them on the outside of these walls, and trying to get children to listen and understand, to value the knowledge that they are getting today, how much more can help them later.”



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