Golden Apple Award – Kelly Page

Look around Kelly Page’s second grade classroom… And you’ll find something missing.

"I want you to take out your green word books and go on a word search."

Always on the move, Page has no need for a desk or chair… so she gives the latter to her student of the week.

"I think that’s an excellent way, good job."

Page started teaching at Coker Elementary School in Chatsworth in 1996… fulfilling a dream that started forming at a young age.

Kelly Page, "I can remember every teacher that I had in elementary school."

Page says her parents always kept an eye on her grades and wanted her to be successful. That’s one reason she works tirelessly to keep parents of her students informed.

Kelly Page, "Parents are their first teacher before I, before they come into my classroom the parent is the first teacher. So I always try to let them know we work as a team. You help me and I’ll help you and we’re all going to be building up this super child."

Students like Andrew Martin love how their teacher mixes art and math together, while teaching "fact families". Or the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Andrew Martin, "You can write 5 and 7 and 12 and then add it up and do two addition and two subtraction and sometimes she’ll just let you color it."

Page believes challenging students keeps them interested. She wants those capable of working at a faster pace to handle a higher level.

"Can I touch a pay? Do I use my senses? No, it’s a verb. Very good Prisciosa."

Page displays her graduation photo outside her classroom… hoping it will inspire her class to achieve.

Kelly Page, "We don’t always realize that we are the role models that we are and you do have to be, I’m more aware now than ever that they’re watching. Whether you realize they’re watching or not. Whether its negative or positive, they’re going to use it."

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