Golden Apple Award Winner – Valley Christian Academy’s Erika Kyle

Riceville, TN (WDEF) – Ericka Kyle has spent her entire life in McMinn County. Now she devotes her days teaching elementary students at Valley Christian Academy. She is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Dana Moody, Former Principal, Valley Christian Academy, “Miss Kyle is one of the most loving, caring, just kind and genuine people that you would ever meet. You can just tell she is right where she needs to be.”

Erica Kyle, “Ericka Kyle is a wife, a mother, a kindergarten and first grade teacher, and aunt. Growing up I was always influenced by my great grandmother my Mamy. She was a third grade teacher for many, many, years in McMinn County schools. And she is passed now, and it’s going to get me emotional… I just miss her. I just want to you know live by her example. I have one student in here and he warms my heart every day. He will come up to me and say, Miss Kyle can I just have a hug. And I am like yes you can. Anytime that they want a hug, I am willing to give them a hug. Because maybe, maybe not him but maybe they just don’t get hugs at home.”

Dana Moody, “She, she is doing just what the Lord I think has put in her life and she is a fantastic teacher.”

Erica Kyle, “I teach to influence students. To give them a better perspective of the world that we are living in today. And it is really hard for me to stand in a broken world. And tried to tell kids things that maybe they do not hear every day at home. That Christ loves them and that he died for them and in the end as long as they believe that everything is going to be OK. And I know behind me it says love one another. And that is one of my favorite Bible verses. Because if everyone in the world loved one another then we wouldn’t be living in the times like we are right now.”

Presented by News 12 Now and Food City, the Golden Apple Award honors outstanding teachers in the Tennessee Valley. To nominate a teacher you feel is deserving of the award, visit

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