Golden Apple: Jennifer Miles

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF) – Jennifer Miles has a passion for teaching.

The East Hamilton Middle High School educator actually left the job to become an administrator.

But she missed teaching engineering so much, she went back to the classroom.

Ronda Lyons is the Assistant Principal at East Hamilton.

She says Miles has made a big difference on campus.

“I think that what I appreciate the most about her is that she always goes the extra mile. And she would be a teacher that I would be very grateful and honored if my child was in her class.”

Miles says she loves teaching.

She did it in Bradley County for 12 years.

Miles then moved to Nashville to become a Dean at a college there.

But teaching brought her back.

She is now the Engineering Design Teacher at East Hamilton Middle High School.

She hopes to encourage students to go into the field of engineering.

She is also very excited to win this week’s Golden Apple Award.

“You know sometimes a teacher, the ones that are behind the scenes, sometimes aren’t recognized, and the compassion behind it. And so, this means the world to me that a student would take that time to write down their thoughts on me. So that means a great deal.”

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