Golden Apple: Lorie Bowen, Boyd Buchanan

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Students and parents agree that Lori Bowen goes above and beyond to make sure the children in her class are successful learners. The Boyd Buchanan teacher was known to drop off supplies to students while they were learning virtually.

Jill Hartness is the Head of School for Boyd Buchanan Elementary.

She says, “Mrs. Bowen exudes the spirit of Jesus in everything that she does. Whether she is interacting with members of our school community, such as faculty or parents or alumni, but mostly students. She is a longtime member of our school, and she is just a blessing to all of us.

Mrs. Bowen describes herself, “God’s child first and foremost. I love my students. I love my job. That means a lot to me.”

Stacy Risley is the Principal at Boyd Buchanan Elementary.

She says, “Mrs. Bowen fulfills an important role at Boyd Buchanan Elementary. She supports children’s learning by empowering students with strategies to enhance their success in the classroom.”

Lori explains, “I truly love every student that I have. I love their families. I feel like that I have a new family every year because our parents are welcome to call me at anytime. I want to know when there is a problem so that we can fix that. I want to be there for them, and I want our students to grow to become the people that God has meant for them to be.”

Maria Sessions is the Assistant Principal at Boyd Buchanan Elementary.

She says, “I know that Mrs.  Bowen makes a connection and as always is such an important part of our children’s lives in this program in which she serves, and it’s just a great family atmosphere, and they love one another, and she does a great job just teaching them and being with them and supporting them in their roles.”


Lori concludes, “We love our jobs here. We feel very blessed to be here. You know, it’s just something that we all do. It’s not something that’s, just,  I mean pointed to me. I mean it is everybody. It’s the spirit of this place.



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