Goodwill Continues to Take Donations

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Goodwill stores in Chattanooga and surrounding counties are closed but the company is still making proactive moves during the coronavirus crisis.

Although Goodwill retail stores are closed, employees are still taking in donations.


Chief Operating Officer Jim Stailey says many people are spring cleaning and clearing out their closets, “To not be open in some capacity is not only unsafe but very unsanitary. You can imagine we have a lot of things piling up.”

What Goodwill plans on doing with donations at this time. “


We are storing a majority of the donations” said Stailey.


“What we’re doing with that is preparing for when we do get to open. We believe there is going to be thousands of people out there that is going to need our programs and services.”


Since retailers are closed, more than 260 employees have been laid off. The company is now going out their way to offer what they call mission services for former employees and the general public.


“Helping people  get access to services that are out there and employment services. Connecting people with jobs, employment, food stamps.”


Goodwill provided items to C.H.I. Memorial thanks to drop off donations from the community.

“We found some protective clothing. Almost like hospital gowns. We’ve donated several thousand to C.H.I. So we’re doing our part during this very interesting time.”


Goodwill is hesitant to take large donation items such as furniture.


They are also asking to people to not drop off trash at their locations. 

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