Gordon Lee Pitcher Emily Armour Leads Trojans Into State Tournament

Chickamauga, GA-(WDEF) The Gordon Lee softball team is chasing their fifth consecutive state title this week in Columbus, Georgia.

The Trojans will be riding the arm of Emily Armour.
Last season, she was the Class A pitcher of the year.
This season Gordon Lee moved up a classification.
And now Armour is likely in the running for the Class AA pitcher of the year.
   Emily Armour is not your typical softball pitcher, just based on her favorite pitch.
Reporter-"What’s your favorite pitch to throw?"
Said Armour,"The screwball."
"Because I like to jam them."
Said Trojans outfielder Tiffany Holland,"I know a lot of them throw like curves. But I’ve never heard of one just loving the screwball. That’s like every pitch she throws is a screwball."
   Armour casts an imposing figure in the circle.
Said Gordon Lee head coach Dana Mull,"Any pitcher that’s a tall build or a bigger build, of course that’s probably going to be a little more intimidating. Emily gets so focused when she goes out there and throws, especially in the big games. I think that’s as much of a intimidation factor."
   Armour seems pretty focused for every game. This year she has a 19-3 record with 239 strikeouts.
Said Mull,"When you she steps out there on the mound and is pitching well, then you feel pretty confident when you get a 1-0 or 2-0 lead."
Added Holland,"Confidence in Emily is crazy. All we have to know is that if she is on her game, we’re going to win."
   It’s always fun to win. Maybe that’s why Armour has so much fun playing softball.
"I really like to cut-up and stuff and have fun. I think my team is right there with me."
  Reporter-"How is she goofy?"
Said Holland,"Okay. In practice, you’ll see her. She’ll just be the one laughing. You’ll be like, what are you laughing at? Oh I did this the other day. You’re like okay, whatever. She’s just always goofy. Always goofing around. She’s always making weird noises."
Reporter-"Like what?"
Chuckles Holland,"I can’t do it."
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